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Item 1

  • Leberstr. 65 »


- for sale

Rooms: 1                       Size: 36 m2                 Price: 57.000 euro

Status:                               - empty


Item 2

  • Leberstr. 65 »


Rooms: 1                      Size: 37 m2               Price: ----

Status:                               - curently rented out for an undefinite period of time.


Public transport:

Bus:                                  - Line 204 => Zoo. & Kurfürstendamm

- Südkreuz


Offers »   NEW!!!

Birth place of Marlene Dietrich. - Leberstr. 65

Fresh on the market: an amazing spacious completely renovated one-bedroom apartment in Schöneberg. It has a big new kitchen with a dining area, a separate living/bed-room, and a bathroom with a shower. The apartment itself, and its big windows, are facing the courtyard, away from the street. It is located on the ground level in the left wing of the complex.                                                          The apartment is situated in a building from 1898, in which Marlene Dietrich was born. There have been made numerous renovations on the building during the last 7 years.

Public transport is only a stones throw away. The bus stop is just 50 m. from the apartment building and both S-bahn stations are about 5-7 min. from the apartment building: Julius-Leber-Brücke at one end of the street and Südkreuz at the other.

Bus:                                                        S-bahn:      

- Line 204 => Zoo. & Kurfürstendamm                  - Julius-Leber-Brücke
- Südkreuz


Rooms: 1                   Size: 36 m2               Price: 57.000 euro © 2008

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